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4 Stories of Cursed Cars

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Oct 21st 2019

Halloween is an extremely fun time of year. Trick or treating, costumes, parties, and pumpkin carving are just a few of the activities you can participate in. To celebrate Halloween, we have compiled 4 stories of cursed and spooky cars that have driven their way through history. One could say that these cars “go honk in the night”.

John F. Kennedy's Limousine SS-100-X

This vehicle was the limo that President Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated. The car now sits in the Henry Ford Museum and it is rumored that a grey apparition stands by the vehicle each year in late November.

James Dean's Porsche 500 Spyder

One of Actor James Deans’ favorite hobbies was racing and it actually caused his death. Dean’s prized car was a Porsche Spyder. He was driving that car to a race in Salinas California and unfortunately lost control of the vehicle. It is said that the vehicle parts were cursed. After the crash, the salvaged parts were put into cars that were involved in more crashes, death, and injuries.

The Phantom Bus Of London

The death of a motorist in 1934 was thought to have been caused by “The Phantom Bus of London”. Many London natives have seen this bus. It is an authentic looking red, double decker bus with a number 7 on it. The lights on the bus are never and there is never a driver to be found. Many drivers have swerved to avoid this phantom bus but when they look behind, the bus has dissapeared.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Death Car

Archduke Ferdinand’s car witnessed his assassination which is said to have started World War II. The car now sits in the Graf and Sif Automobile Museum. The bullet holes from the Archduke’s assassination can still be viewed today. 13 tragic deaths are associated with this car so many now say is the "death car". 

We hope that we didn’t scare you too much with this article. Have a happy and safe Halloween!