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5 Tips for Successfully Painting Cars

Posted by Lauren Middleton on May 20th 2019

Painting is one of the most common jobs of a person that does auto body work. It can also be one of the hardest. Taking steps before and after the job is completed can ensure the job goes smoothly. We've gathered several tips from experts on successfully painting cars. 

1.Pick the spot to perform the paint job. If you have a shop, great! If you're not so lucky and have to do it outside, choose a spot where debris won't fall on the car. Once you have a spot picked, clean away obstacles to ensure you can move around the vehicle with ease.

2.First thing you'll want to do was is wash the car thoroughly. Debris and dust can harm your paint job. If you plan on painting a certain, small area, tape it off with blue tape so it can easily be found while painting later.

3.Make sure the panels are straight. This critically important. Even if it takes hours of applying body filler and buffing, don't plan on painting until this is done. 

4.Remove all the rust. Rust underneath paint will make the paint job look uneven. It needs to be buffed away or treated with a liquid rust inhibitor. If the rust has erode the car body, you will have to replace the panel. 

5.Prime the car with quality primer before beginning your paint job. The purpose of primer is to ensure a smooth pain job. Remember that you get what you pay for with primer. Purchasing low quality primer will diminish the paint quality.

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