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5 Tips On Saving Gas With Your Jeep

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Aug 31st 2020

A Jeep is an all-terrain and all-season vehicle. Many people assume that because the Jeep has a removable top and side panels, it is only a summer vehicle. Jeeps have actually become extremely popular winter vehicles. They can offer many great benefits for those who need to commute or get around safely in winter. We have had many customers come in to buy Jeep auto body parts recently. Just like any all-terrain vehicle, a Jeep can use gas quite quickly. With winter on the way, conserving gas is extremely important. In winter, you will be using more gas because it takes the vehicle longer to get to a fuel-efficient temperature. Since we have had a lot of Jeep customers in, we figured we offer 5 tips on saving gas with your Jeep.

1.Keep your tires inflated properly - Most Jeep owners enjoy getting in a bit off roading during the summer months which can wear down tires. Some owners even deflate tires to increase traction over mud and rocks. If you want to save gas in winter, make sure your Jeep’s tires are properly inflated!

2.Buy a four-cylinder Jeep - If you are in the process of purchasing a Jeep, get one with a manual transmission and a four-cylinder engine. Six-cylinder engines are less fuel efficient. A clutch instead of torque with a four-cylinder engine has better fuel efficiency.

3.Don’t use four-wheel drive unless you have to – Using four-wheel drive with a Jeep is often fun but can consume a lot of gas. If you’re driving a lot in winter, only keep the four-wheel drive on while driving in wintery conditions.

4.Keep the weight and drag down on your Jeep – Jeep owners have the option to add a lot of accessories to their vehicles. Unfortunately, some of these items can cause drag and decrease your Jeep’s fuel efficiency. Weight can also contribute to decreased fuel efficiency. If you have racks or ornaments on your Jeep and you’re not using them, it might be time to take them off.

5.Avoid lift kits and larger tires – Many Jeep owners love to customize their Jeeps with off road tires and lift kits. Though these are fine if you don’t drive the Jeep regularly. Using the Jeep with these items too often will hurt the Jeep’s fuel efficiency. A smaller and thinner set of all terrain tires will increase the Jeep’s aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.