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Best Auto Body Modifications for Dodge Trucks

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Sep 29th 2020

The past year has brought us an uptick in customers coming in looking for Dodge truck auto body parts. One of the more unique items we sell are Dodge cab mounts. We are one of only two dealers in CT that carry these. The cab mounts are just a small part of our selection of Dodge truck auto body parts. There are a lot of auto body modifications that you can do on Dodge trucks to either make them look better or improve their functionality. Our article this week will focus on the best auto body modifications for Dodge trucks.

Lift Kits and Leveling Kits

Lift kits are a common and popular truck modification. Believe it or not, a lifted truck can do more things than tower over smaller cars on the highway. If you want to get serious about taking your Dodge truck off road, a lift kit is the way to go. Lift Kits come in a variety of sizes. They range anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches. Even the smaller lift can dramatically improve the trucks off road performance.

Side Steps and Running Boards

Performance is important when driving a Dodge truck but so is comfort. Running boards can add style and make exiting and entering your truck much easier. Running boards are especially popular for people that are shorter in stature but have a lifted truck. Side steps are also useful for this. Both give your truck a modern and sporty look.

Custom Exhaust

Engine performance can go down dramatically if your exhaust is subpar. If you want to have peak performance for your truck’s exhaust, you are better off installing a performance exhaust system. Performance exhaust systems allow air to exit your engine quickly and smoothly. This allows more power to be generated in the engine.

Grill Guard

Since Dodge trucks are often used in jobsites and off roading trails, it is wise to have some extra protection for the front of the truck. A grill guard can also protect your headlights which is very useful if you have installed custom ones. If you use your truck a lot in winter, a grill guard can hold a winch. This can be very helpful if you or someone else ends up stuck ditch because of slippery winter roads. In addition to a grill guard’s functionality, they can also add a bit of muscle to your truck’s appearance.