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Items You Should Keep In The Car For Your Dog

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Aug 25th 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 is National Dog Day. At Auto Body Specialties, we have 2 great things, auto body parts and dogs. We share our shop with 2 rambunctious Huskies and a happy Staffordshire Terrier. Dogs have always been a part of the Auto Body Specialties family and to celebrate National Dog Day, we are going to go over some important things you should keep in your car to keep your dog happy and safe. Many dogs enjoy car rides with their human companions so it is important to plan ahead for emergencies.

An Extra Leash: In the rush and excitement of getting your pup out of the door and into the car, you may forget to bring a leash along. You should keep a leash on hand at all times. Many cities and towns have leash laws and if you’re visiting the vet, you should leash your pup for safety. Leashes may also break or your dog may chew through them. Having an extra leash in the car ensures safety and a backup plan in case of problems.

A Pet First Aid Kit: If your pup cuts his paw at the dog park or gets a splinter on the trail, you should have a first aid kit to use in case of such emergencies. Just make sure you know how to use the items in the kit. Pet First Aid courses are available online for a low cost and can literally be a life saver if something bad happens while you’re out and about with your pet.

Treats: Dogs always appreciate rewards. Keeping a small bag or box of treats in the car can help convince your pup to get back into the car after a fun day at the dog park or serve as a reward for a scary day at the vet. Just make sure you keep the treats in air tight container so they don’t spoil in hot weather.

Portable Water Bowl: Many dog owners that enjoy taking their canines on outdoor and road trip adventures are opting to purchase portable water bowls that collapse and are easy to carry. You can unfold the bowl and pour water from a bottle into it. Once the dog is done drinking, you can fold up the bowl and put it away. This prevents messes and keeps you pup well hydrated.

A Blanket or Towel: A blanket or towel can serve many purposes in a car that carries canines. If you have a senior dog, a blanket may help keep them warm while the car warms up in the winter. It can also serves as something comfortable to lay on instead of a hard car seat. A blanket can also prevent a carpet of dog hair from covering your seats.