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Should My Car Be Scrapped After An Accident?

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Mar 31st 2021

If your car has been in a collision, you are probably wondering whether it is worth it to get it fixed or simply scrap it. We supply many collision repair shops with auto body parts to get cars back into shape after an accident. When starting the process of getting your car repaired after an accident, your insurance provider will usually recommend a collision repair facility. The collision repair facility will then give you an estimate as to what the damage repair will cost. Our article this week will be on how to tell if you should scrap your car after an accident.

The decision to total a car can only be determined by your insurance adjuster but there are a few indications that may notice yourself. One obvious way to tell if the car is totaled is that it is so damaged that it will not start. Another reason the car may need to be scrapped or totaled it that it has been damaged in a way that severely obstructs the driver’s view. You can also check the Kelly Blue Book value of the car. If it had a low value before the collision, the adjuster may suggest that it is not worth fixing.

Another way to speculate whether the car should be scrapped is whether it might be danger to drive after it has been repaired. Frame damage can be especially dangerous because it is often hard to spot while inspecting the vehicle after the accident. A twisted frame can cause instability at high speeds and will cause your tires and coils to wear at a faster rate. Mash damage is another type of frame damage that occurs in front end collisions. The frame of the car will accordion on itself and the frame ends up shorter than what it was. Sway damage can occur when a car gets t boned. It causes the car to pull to the left or the right.

Even simple cosmetic damage can cause a car to drive unsafely. If you do get into an accident, be sure to follow the instructions of your insurance adjuster. Make sure they refer you to a reputable body shop that will give you an honest estimate. If you do get the vehicle repaired, be cautious when driving it for the first time. If you notice any strange sounds or new sensations, you may want to bring it right back to the repair facility.