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Storing Auto Paint Over The Winter

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Oct 13th 2020

If you lack the luxury of a heated garage, doing any kind if car work in the winter can be hard. Many auto body enthusiasts keep items such as paint in temperature controlled storage over winter. Car paint is actually extremely sensitive to cold and if it freezes, it will eventually become unusable. Car paint is usually expensive, especially if it is a high end brand so losing it can be quite the financial loss. Winter is definitely on the way so you will want to start thinking about storage soon. Our article this week will be on storing auto paint over the winter.

Where should I store auto paint over the winter?

You’ll need to start by finding a storage spot for the paint over the winter. The basement of your home is usually a good spot to start but the basement must stay above 50 degrees. If you have a closed off room in the basement that would be an ideal spot. Keeping the paint in a locked room can keep pets and children away from it. The room should be well ventilated and be free of flammable materials. If you don’t have a specific storage room, the spot you store it in must be away from water heaters, the furnace, clothes dryer, or any other heat sources.

What should I store auto paint in?

Auto paint is best stored on a shelf where the labels can clearly be seen. Metal shelves are ideal because they are less likely to erode if any of the paint spills. If your auto paint is in a plastic container, many experts recommend moving it to a metal one. Like the shelves, paint is less likely to eat through metal. It always helps to label the paint with the amount left and the color. Be sure to securely put the cover on the paint can. Placing a rag between the can lid and hammer will allow you to the bang the lid down without denting the metal. If you’re concerned about spills, you should store the paint in a tote or metal locker.

What can I do if my auto paint accidentally freezes?

If you end up having one if your paint cans freeze, you’ll want to thaw it as soon as possible. This can be done by simply waiting for the paint to come to room temperature or by using a hair dryer. After the paint thaws, you’ll want to stir it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can take the can back to the paint store to have it shaken. If the paint has a normal consistency after it is stirred, it is probably salvageable. If the texture changes, the paint should probably be thrown away as it may not coat the car well when applied.