Signs That Your Car Needs a New Paint Job

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Mar 17th 2022

One of the most common reasons our customers purchase our auto body products is that they need to repaint their vehicle. Vehicle owners may choose to repaint their vehicles for two reasons. Reason number one is that they simply want to change the vehicle’s paint color. Reason number two is usually that something has occurred where the paint has started to fade, or the paint has ended up damaged. Whatever the reason is, Auto Body Specialties offers new and used auto body parts that can be painted or be used to replace damaged parts. Read on to learn about signs that your car needs a new paint job.

Signs That Your Car Needs a New Paint Job

Your car was in an accident.

Even if you were in a small accident, it can lead to bigger problems with your car’s paint down the road. Even though your car may drive fine after the accident, a single unnoticed scratch can lead to paint bubbling and cracking. This bubbling and cracking can leave the car vulnerable to rust. Eventually the rust may spread to areas away from the original scratch site.

Your vehicle’s paint is fading.

Fading paint is one of the top signs that your car needs a new paint job. Fading paint is often caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Fading paint can also be cause be a lack of washing and waxing the car. The amount of fading usually determines whether you have to paint the whole vehicle again as opposed to just painting one spot.

Your paint is peeling.

When you paint begins to peel, it is a sure sign that you’ll need a new paint job soon. Peeling paint can also loosen your car’s clear coat from the rest of your paint job. Peeling paint is also very unsightly looking. If you notice the paint peeling, it is usually a good idea to update your paint job as soon as you can.