Tips on How to Install Headlamp Buckets

Posted by Lauren Middleton on Mar 27th 2022

Our headlamp buckets are one of our most popular products. They are also one of our most difficult to install products. Corvette headlamp buckets to be the hardest to install because if their oddly shaped assemblies. This week we’re going to talk about some tips on how to install headlamp buckets. These tips can be used for all cars but Corvettes especially.

1.Cover the headlight opening with painter’s tape. This will prevent the headlight bucket from being scratched when you are working the area.

2.Appy chassis grease to the pivot support balls to prevent a corrosion problem. The grease also provides a sticking power to keep everything in place while everything else in installed.

3.Have a 3/8 socket ready for the installation process. If you have a long socket, even better. A long socket will prevent the socket and screw from falling between the headlamp assembly and frame when you pull the socket from the screw head.

4.Have an assistant work with you to hold the headlamp bucket in place. Having an assistant will allow you to focus on aligning and installing the screws. The assistant can stop the assembly from rotating and interrupting the process. If you have to work solo, you’ll have to get creative in order to hold the buckets in place while you secure. This can be done by supporting them with your forearm.

5.Install and tighten screws systematically. Install a screw on one side and the another on the opposite side. Continue this process until they are all in place. Don’t tighten them completely as you may have difficulty aligning the pivot supports. If you have to adjust the bucket’s position, you will have to loosen them all over again.

6.Always manually check the operation of the headlamp bucket. Ensure that proper clearance is maintained during the entire length of travel. If you are happy with the results, you can remove the masking tape and check out your newly installed headlight buckets.